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Cees de Weerd. 

I believe in building better futures through the development of better leaders, better teams, better organisations and better solutions.
Better meaning stronger, fairer and sustainable.

Originality, clarity and dedication are part of my professional signature.
Originality in learning- and process design that opens up hearts and minds.
Clarity when culture, mindsets and politics take over from reason and what we know is ‘right’.
Dedication in my work with leaders, businesses and public service institutions that all have the potential to be a force for good.


I lived on three continents and work across the globe. This has brought me a rich understanding and natural, multilingual toolkit on culture.

In China (a complex Sino - American JV), Africa (twenty-plus years of development in Angola) and the West Indies alike, this toolkit enables me to connect the dots between people, purpose and their practices.

In China my given name is WeiTchiSe: 'he who makes impossible combinations'

My leadership development practices are grounded in what we (global network of colleagues) have learned about the essence of good leadership.

We are partners of Japan's prime global technology services company in design and delivery of their bespoke Global Leadership Development Programme.


My design and facilitation work with the United Nations fits right into my sense of purpose.


When the sun comes up, I remind myself to connect, be curious, give and keep on learning.

Building better Futures
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