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Building better Leaders

  • Ideas, methods and inspiration from the performing arts
  • Blended with psychological insights and tools
  • On stage in Abbey Road studios to develop authentic L-ship voice
  • In alliance with top notch development professionals
  • Award winning programme Fortune 500

Leaders voice, developed by Ken Ideus

Inspirational Leadership

Leadership and facilitation

  • Essential Commodities Distribution Company
  • From state-owned monopoly to competitive player in open market
  • Development of the 'Fearless Nine': senior leaders as facilitators
  • Leading change through facilitation at the frontline

Executive Coaching

How do I...

  • hold my ground in the political arena with the Supervisory Board?
  • lead this re-structuring with an eye for possibility rather than just efficiency?
  • make the best out of our new, culturally complex Joint Venture?
  • under this intense pressure, stay close to who I am and what I stand for?
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