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Building better Organisations

A European mail company


  • Reframing of Purpose, Picture, Plan and Part to play ​in BU
  • Beyond 'blue collar workers': craftmanship and pride as corner stones
  • Facilitation of Leadership team in turbulent times

  • Journey to Excellence of Angolan Clinic / Hospital
  • Bringing clarity to quality
  • Adapt archetypical interactions between doctors, nurses and managers
  • Nurture radical collaboration as modus operandi
  • Learning alliance with NHS (UK) and Torbay Hospital​

A hospital in Angola

A bank in South Africa

  • Institutionalise Process Culture (CMM)
  • How to undo the knot of deeply engrained individualism?
  • Musical analogy, built with Johannesburg Festival Orchestra
  • Aha......!
  • Renewed muscle and momentum towards Process Maturity

A Sino - Anglo oil joint venture

  • Exploring beliefs and mental models
  • Building shared purpose and mutual trust
  • Alignment within the leadership team
  • A stable platform for performance
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